The Queens Of Rumors



Rumors began in Richmond, Virginia in 2007 by two best friends in their early 20s. Without loans or a long-term plan, they took the risk of starting a clothing store unlike what was in the area. Rumors sold straight from the designer items from small start-up companies around the world.


The first few years were turbulent, since they were selling items way below their price value and were barely breaking even. They slept on the floor of the store, ordered white rice from local Chinese food spots and hosted punk shows daily at night to contribute to the local scene as well as raise awareness of the shop. Finally, they started selling their personal clothes for extra funds, and business boomed.


Rumors transitioned to "pre-loved" clothing and expanded to a Chapel Hill location in 2013, hosted a year long pop up store in Miami in 2015, and opened in Durham in 2019.

 Casey & Marshe plan to continue expanding Rumors and spread the company's mission of sustainability and inclusivity in fashion.