How Do I Sell My Consignment To Rumors

Q: How do I sell to Rumors Boutique?

How to sell  your clothes and shoes to Rumors

We buy clothes and shoes seasonally! Right now we are buying for Fall and Winter. Items are selected and priced by our trained buyers based on customer demands, trends, conditions, styles, and details of each piece. 

All items must be freshly washed (if it’s been sitting in your trunk or closet for weeks, we can tell 😇) and we cannot do any buys that contain any wired bras, socks, or underwear! (bralettes are fine)

We have the right to refuse to go through a bag that contains dirty, unsanitary items. 

All items must be in a bag or bin (not on hangers please), and at our NC stores you may sell 2 bags worth a day, or 3 bags worth a day at our Richmond, VA store. One IKEA size bag/bin counts as 2 bags. If there’s a line out front, call us so we can come outside and check you in! 

We will have you fill out a buy sheet that is full of more detailed information on how the selling process works, and we will give you an estimated time wait. Generally, waits are under 30 minutes but during busy season times can greatly increase. You can shop while you wait or we ask that you stay close by so you can come to collect your payment promptly when we text or call you. 

After we select and price out what we would like to buy, we offer 35% in cash of each items selling price (in a form of check if you are offered more than $50) or 55% of each items selling price in store credit! Store credit gets stored in our system and can be used in any Rumors location,  or on our web-store. It never expires!

Our cash/checks are first come first serve and our cash budget is not guaranteed to last all day. For the best chance of getting cash/check if that’s what you prefer, we recommend being out front at open. We do not haggle prices. Any bags of clothes left at Rumors will be donated at the end of the day.


Monday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm

Sunday 12 pm - 4 pm

Chapel Hill

Monday-Saturday 11 am- 5 pm

Sunday 12 pm- 5 pm


Monday-Saturday 11 am- 5 pm

Sunday 12 pm- 5 pm

Using Store Credit For Online Purchases

Q: Can I use my Store Credit for purchasing online?

You can use store credit given from all locations for online purchasing , give us a DM on Instagram and we will set up a personalized discount code, which will be subtracted to your balance.

Join Our Crazy Team

Q: How do you apply for a job at Rumors Boutique?

If you want to join the Richmond, VA team e-mail marsherumors@gmail.com

If you want to join our Chapel Hill, NC team e-mail julietrumors@gmail.com